Teuku Ryan Reveals The Differences That Happened After Marrying Ria Ricis

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KILASRAKYAT.COM– Soap opera actor reveals the difference in his life after marrying YouTuber .

This was revealed by in a video chat with Teuku Wisnu.

Teuku Ryan admitted that after marrying , he had the courage to appear in public.

“The first thing that has changed in Ryan is that he is more daring to appear at this time,” said Teuku Ryan, quoted from YouTube The Sungkars, Friday (2/6/2023).

Before marrying Ria Ricis, Teuku Ryan admitted that he was a shy person.

“In the past, Ryan was still shy, he didn't even dare to speak from his cell phone,” he continued.

But now Teuku Ryan feels confident, especially when speaking in front of the camera.

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“Even now it's okay to vlog, I can start now.”

“Maybe it was a change in Ryan who was more confident,” he added.

In this broadcast, the father of one child talked about his struggles when exploring the entertainment industry.

Teuku Ryan revealed that he had tried to enter the entertainment industry in 2009.

However, his efforts were not fruitful at that time.

“I didn't expect that Ryan, who used to try maybe in 2009 to be in the entertainment world, maybe Allah will skip first, go to school first,” he explained.

Nevertheless, Teuku Ryan successfully entered the world of entertainment after marrying Oki Setiana Dewi's sister.

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“I've been around (at that time) but met Allah and Ricis,” he said.

In this broadcast, Teuku Ryan also revealed the meaning of family for him.

He interprets the family as a complement in his life.

“Because family is a complement to our lives,” he said.

Even Ryan also mentions a very valuable treasure is his wife.

“The wife's prayer is always answered by Allah, moreover the wife always prays for us without being asked,” he said.

The man from Aceh also revealed the beginning of his closeness to his wife.

“When in Banda Aceh at the end of the ship, Ryan shot Ria Ricis.”

“Ryan said ‘do you want to be my girlfriend or not, because I'm afraid that after this we will cut off contact',” he explained.

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Nevertheless, the YouTuber had rejected Teuku Ryan's love.

“I was rejected, Bang, rejected outright,” he said.

Ria Ricis suddenly gave conditions to Ryan if he was serious.

Unmitigated, Ria Ricis asked Ryan to come to Jakarta to propose.

“He then said if you were serious you would go to Jakarta.”

“You come and propose to my family,” he explained.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity, he fulfilled the conditions put forward by Ria Ricis.

“After going through many processes, Ryan only left for Jakarta for 4 days with an office permit,” concluded Teuku Ryan.