The Right Exercise For The Elderly

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KILASRAKYAT.COM, JAKARTA – As you get older, your energy will get weaker.

On the other hand, the body must regularly exercise to keep the body healthy and fit.

So, what sports are right for elderly people, considering their energy is not the same when they were young.

Related to this, Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. , Sp.KO also gave an explanation.

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Exercise itself consists of three kinds, and the elderly can actually do all three.

First, there are cardio sports.

Cardio exercise is exercise that increases your heart rate when you do it.

“Cardio can swim, run, well, can the elderly actually run? Actually it's okay, because running doesn't have to be fast,” he said in a health discussion at the 2023 Entrasol Master Run event in PIK 2, South Tangerang, Monday (5/6/2023).

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It's never too late to do running sports. What is important, adjusted to his ability.

The second type is weight training.

According to Dr. Andy, weight training is also important.

“Because as you get older, muscle mass can decrease, so it's important to do muscle strength training. Runners too, muscle strength training will reduce the risk of injury,” he explained.

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Third, stretching, when exercising, young and old people should also stretch.

“Yesterday we stayed at home with Covid-19, the muscles became stiff, achy, the number of lower pain incidents increased. Because we were just at home, we didn't move. Actually, at home we can stretch,” he concluded.