Nycta Gina Asks Raffi Ahmad And Nagita Slavina To Bring EXO

nycta gina asks raffi ahmad and nagita slavina to bring

KILASRAKYAT.COM, JAKARTA — Later, and became the topic of conversation when they succeeded in bringing Korean artists to their homes.

Some time ago, and brought NCT DoJaeJung to a new home in Andara.

Quoting the Instagram account @lambegosiip on Tuesday (6/6/2023), Raffi Ahmad revealed that he was confused about how to face NCT DoJaeJung.

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“I was at NCT DoJaeJung at first I was also confused, but when I asked them to joke around,” said Raffi.

Raffi also said that he and the NCT children only interacted with each other, collab, and maintained friendship.

“It's like a friendship asking for help, just like when we go to Korea we also invite collabs,” said Raffi.

“Just link, friendship link,” he continued.

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who was there also asked Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad to bring to Indonesia.

“Can you come to or not? Both SM Entertainment. My son loves it,” said .

“Oh I know,” said Raffi.

“Yes, we will try to go to Korea, we will call first, okay” said Nagita Slavina.

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“Later, Siwon also wants to come here, he wants to play tennis next month,” added Raffi Ahmad.

Netizens also gave various comments on this.

“You have been waiting for Kim Jong Un for a long time,” wrote the account @fitriaeandniaty.

“Mama Gigi called her,” wrote the account @tnm_afr3.

“Is it possible to come to Lee Min Ho,” wrote the account @veronikalidia.