Apple Officially Releases IOS 17, Here’s A List Of IPhones And IPads That Can Update

apple officially releases ios 17 here s a list of iphones and ipads that can update c3b90a4

KILASRAKYAT.COM – is known to have released its newest operating system, namely .

was announced and demonstrated at the 2023 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 5, 2023.

However, iOS 17 has not been released globally.

Quoted from the 9to5mac page, is expected to release iOS 17 to all users in September 2023.

Initially, iOS 17 was rolled out for bug fixes and performance improvements, but it is known that there are also some feature changes.

iOS 17 comes with various types of new features that bring sophistication from artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make it easier for people with disabilities to access.

The iOS 17 update will only run on a number of compatible and devices.

So that not all and devices can update the iOS 17 operating system.

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List of iPhones that Can Update iOS 17

Quoted from Apple's page, here are a number of iPhone devices that can update their operating system to iOS 17:

-iPhone 14

– iPhone 14 Plus

– iPhone 14 Pro

– iPhone 14 Pro Max



– iPhone 13 Pro – iPhone 13 Pro Max –


– iPhone 12 Pro

– iPhone 12 Pro Max



– iPhone 11 Pro Max

-iPhone XS

– iPhone XS Max


– iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

List of iPads that can update iOS 17

– iPad Pro (2017 and up)

– iPad Air (third generation and later)

– iPad (sixth generation and later)

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– iPad mini (fifth generation and later)

New Features of iOS 17

The following are the new features in the iOS 17 operating system update:

1. Mixed Reality Headset

Apple's AR / VR headset will work independently and will have its own App Store.

Also, there's likely to be some level of integration between the headset and iPhone, albeit limited to Handoff.

2. CarPlay update

At WWDC 2022, Apple previewed a new CarPlay experience that integrates more deeply with vehicles.

This feature allows car functions such as volume and radio to be controlled via CarPlay.

Apple also plans to add widgets and support for multiple views.

The first vehicles with next-gen CarPlay integration are coming in late 2023.

This means support will likely be built into iOS 17 or an iOS 17 update.

3. Sideloading and Alternative App Stores

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European law requires Apple to allow sideloading from 2024.

Therefore, Apple plans to make changes starting from iOS 17.

Customers in Europe may be able to download without using the App Store, with Apple forced to let people use alternative app stores.

Developers won't have to pay Apple a 15 to 30 percent fee for customers install using alternative means, but Apple still plans to charge a fee.

The first sideloading changes will be limited to customers in the European Union.

But since other countries passed laws similar to the Digital Market Act in Europe, Apple was able to expand the functionality.

The major changes that had to be made to implement sideloading support could potentially impact development on iOS 17 due to the engineering resources required.